Secondary Glazing for Sash Windows

How secondary glazing for sash windows in your Bath property can save you money?
This glazing method involves the installation of a second window inside your property, next to the existing window. Each window is made to match the appearance of your existing window.

The original window remains untouched. Curtains and blinds remain unaffected most of the time. Our special glazing is designed and installed to blend in with your existing windows.
The benefits of secondary glazing for sash windows:
Thermal insulation (reducing your heating bill)
Sound Proofing
Draught Proofing
Added Security
Secondary glazing is not only cost efficient, but is sometimes the only option for listed buildings and those within a conservation area.

Our range of secondary glazing units will provide a solution for your window needs. Our surveyor will also be able to show you a sample of our secondary glazing in Bath area.

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Secondary Glazing


“Having bought a house on the edge of Bath city centre we were aware that noise might be an issue, but we didn’t realise just how noisy passing traffic and people returning late from pubs and clubs would be. We were initially sceptical about secondary glazing because of how it would look on sash windows in a listed building, but when we saw a sample of the units we realised that they were designed to blend in with the existing window and frame. We eventually had all our street-facing windows and bedroom windows secondary glazed and the effect was incredible. The level of noise within the house fell noticeably and the glazing has also made the house much warmer by reducing heat loss through the windows.”
Paul Golden, Writer & PR Consultant, Golden Communications – Secondary Glazing on Sash Windows